Don’t Let Your Kids Make Friends with Foot Pain

Has your child been complaining about ankle, foot, or toe pain? Were they recently injured while playing outside or during a sports game? Perhaps a slip or misstep has left your little one with a concerning bruise or swelling. No matter the injury, prompt care is essential to avoid complications and to ensure proper healing.

Get a Personal Assessment for Your Child

Do you have concerns about a sudden or ongoing change in the way your child walks or runs, or have you noticed that their feet are not aligned properly when standing? Our podiatrists can perform a full gait analysis and biomechanical exam to determine the best treatment for your child’s condition, if a diagnosis should result. Common issues we see in children include pes planus (flat feet) and intoeing (walking “pigeon-toed”), both of which may be managed with custom orthotics.

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Whether your child is experiencing an injury, pain, or problems with standing or walking, our podiatrists can deliver the compassionate care they need to thrive. We believe that foot pain isn’t normal, and that no child should have to sit on the sidelines because of it. Book an appointment with Dr. Healy or Dr. Whitaker today for a comprehensive exam and treatment options.

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