Our Podiatrists Understand Diabetic Foot Care

People with diabetes are at risk for serious and sometimes life-threatening foot problems. If you are diabetic, the best way to prevent these complications is to receive regular foot exams from a physician who specializes in the foot and ankle. Our physicians are trained in the prevention and treatment of these potential complications. Diabetics with neuropathy can develop sores and cuts that they may be unaware of due to the lack of feeling in their feet. If left untreated, these minor sores can lead to ulceration and possibly even amputation. We have the experience and expertise to treat these sometimes difficult problems. We are a Medicare-approved diabetic shoe supplier. Our physicians prescribe, fit, and dispense shoes appropriate for the unique podiatric needs of people with diabetes. We can also supply accommodative shoes for difficult-to-fit feet. Contact us to learn more about how our podiatrists can partner with you to help ensure your feet stay healthy and comfortable.